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Hey Lynne I was wondering if you could rec me any asshole!Blaine fics where he's just super shitty and then he meets Kurt and he just wants to be better for him? Preferably a fic with strong character development. I am also interested in rockstar! or famous!Blaine fics? Thanks so much for your help Lynne!



All You Needed Was Me by xCaellachx (Rated M - Complete) 

Kurt attends the all men’s college Dalton Academy in New York. He meets Blaine who happens to be a first class jerk. But when Blaine decides Kurt should be his, will Kurt be able to resist him? Kurt has a secret and when Blaine finds out, the jerk in him leaves and the protector emerges. A/U Please read the triggers list on the first chapter.


Skin on Skin by Ulysses31dancer (Rated M - Complete) Kurt wins a VIP ticket to meet Blaine Anderson the rock star. He doesn’t realize that this one incident will change his life forever.


A Change Of Heart by StarGleekBelle & GleekMom (Rated M - Complete)  Badboy!Blaine AU: Blaine Anderson and his crew rule the school while Kurt and his friends just try to stay out of the line of fire. That all changes when Kurt and Blaine form an unlikely friendship. Will they break down each others’ walls and learn to trust one another, or are old habits too hard to break? Rated M for language, some violence, eventual smut


****Sideways by CrissColferLove Rated (NC17 - Complete) Blaine is the most popular kid at school, he’s also a bully. Kurt is the new kid and the victim of the football team, but bullying somebody doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t end up liking them, even if you try your best not to.  Badboy!Blaine - oh sooo damn good, prepare thyself to be killed


****Anywhere But Here (sequel to Sideways - COMPLETE NC17) The boys are in NY together.  This. Is. Amazing. Read NOW.  http://scarvesandcoffee.net/viewstory.php?sid=3553

Off Camera by felix-felicis33 (Rated T - Complete) Kurt Hummel is the host of his own popular talk show. When Grammy award winning musician Blaine Anderson makes a guest appearance on his show, Kurt gets more than just an interview out of it.


Skin on Skin was good!